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Music is a part of our everyday lives and it also accompanies the most important moments in the past. If you ever think about your childhood, you will probably have a few songs you will associate that period with. If you are driving to work, you must be listening to music on the radio or enjoying your own playlist. If you throw a party, you and your friends listen to music. If you want to cultivate your general knowledge, you listen to classical music. And so on – music seems to be everywhere, and it would be impossible to imagine life without it.

This website is dedicated to all those who would like to find out more about music, mostly classical music. However, there are some references to modern music as well. Here are the topics in our articles:

  • How some of the most important music genres have evolved
  • A series of unusual musical instruments
  • Facts about music notation systems
  • Extinct musical instruments that were popular in ancient times
  • Some intriguing facts about Bach’s life
  • Health benefits you enjoy by listening to music
  • Famous artists who are talented piano players
  • Reasons to go to the opera
  • Important moments in the history of music
  • Reasons to listen to classical music

Music and music art are such vast subjects that they represent a wellspring of information and inspiration for everyone. After reading our articles, your knowledge will have expanded with the following facts:

  • How rock has originated and evolved into the multiple rock music genres we know today
  • Why dance music is one of the oldest music genres
  • Who is the best-selling Latin music artist
  • What unusual music instrument was mostly used as a toy
  • What are the similarities and differences between the harpsichord and the piano
  • What instrument similar to a violin Norwegians play traditionally
  • How you can make music with Tesla coils
  • How an orchestra uses vegetables to create music
  • How the Western music notation system developed
  • Where do the names of musical notes come from
  • How the blind can read music as well
  • What are the main types of clefs in the Western music notation system
  • What string instruments from ancient times have disappeared
  • How Bach was not considered an important composer during his lifetime
  • Why music makes people feel happier, decreases depression, and alleviates pain
  • How the most famous singers and pianists have started taking piano lessons at very young ages
  • How opera talks about the human condition
  • What famous movie tackles the issue of loving or not the opera from the first moment
  • When MTV was launched and what other historical events have taken place around the same time
  • What are some very famous British female artists
  • How music sparks creativity and increases productivity
  • Why classical music helps you eat less and lose weight
  • How classical music can help you expand your general knowledge

In conclusion, let music into your life, whether it’s the last hit from your favorite singer or it’s classical music written centuries ago – the benefits are always there!