Purple Violin

Purple Violin


The violin is one of the most classical musical instruments in existence. The actual violin family consists of several instruments, including the cello and the violin. However, there is nothing quite like the beautiful voices of accomplished violinists can emerge from their instruments. While little has changed as far as the general style and design of the violin over the decades, recently there have been some surprising new designs introduced. Some were well received, others were not very enthusiastic about greeting.

Introducing the Purple Violin

One of the modern arrivals on the violin scene that has been greeted with enthusiasm, however, is the purple violin. In fact, after only a few weeks this instrument is a ‘must have’ for many violin fans. Purple, a mixture of red and blue, seems the perfect color choice for such a regal instrument.

Why So Popular

There are several reasons why the purple violin has been so well received. In part, that’s because purple is a color that only people draw. Symbolically, purple has long been associated with wise judgment, meditation and peace. Of course there is a clear connection with nobles as well, which is hard to ignore. One of the reasons, however, that this color has been so well received is because, interestingly enough, purple is often the favorite color choice among kids and musicians alike.

Why are musicians and artists alike attracted to purple? This is because it is a very creative color; which can really encourage the creativity of the artist. It’s also known for being a really soothing color, something that seems to go well with the overall theme of many popular violin pieces. If you are interested in purchasing one of these, there are a few things you may want to consider before doing so.

Before Purchasing, You Have To Decide:

The first decision is regarding the actual size of the violin. Like the regular violin, they are available in a variety of sizes from full size to those usually played by smaller children. You will also need to decide whether you are planning to purchase a traditional violin or whether you are going to purchase one of the modern electric violins. Many contemporary violinists now play modern renditions of classical songs using the electric violin.

When purchasing your violin, you may also want to take the opportunity to purchase any other accessories you need, such as a music light stand.

Violin is available at most regular musical instrument stores, and you can also find them for sale online. If you are interested in purchasing a purple violin, you may actually find that there are more options online than at the nearest store. You will also be able to compare prices more easily online, and possibly discover a lot of things!