Smarter Children Through Music

Smarter Children Through Music

Singing and playing a musical instrument has always been an integral part of family life as well as a great way to bond with friends and loved ones. Through music, we are able to express our deepest emotions as well as convey meaningful messages to others. We may not be aware of its effect on our brain and mental development, but music helps us to be creative, more energetic and smarter which is a big attribute that our children should acquire and develop.

Does music improve IQ?

Socially, music is a hobby up to the age that creates interactions with great people where striving for excellence is given in a musical group. This is mostly manifested in jazz groups where creativity is developed, honed and embraced. Every member in a band is encouraged to give more and do their best so that the group can produce the harmony needed to produce great music. Organizational discipline and skills are greatly enhanced here.

In line with this, many parents prepare their children as early as babies in the womb by listening to classical music such as Mozart. Enrolling their children in guitar and piano lessons is also recommended by parents. This is not a popular belief about music. In fact, there is a large amount of research and articles available backing up the claim that music education and music training make children smarter.

Music and Learning

Recently, advances in technology have allowed scientists to actually see the effect music has on our brain activity. Through PET scans and MRI imaging, it can be seen that the music is supposed to make all parts of the brain “turn on” compared to most of the activities we do where only certain regions or parts of the brain are “on.” Also new neural pathways in our brain are created when we are involved in musical training.

Very fortunate that a product of environmental and musical influences, Sharon Burch came up with a way to make learning music easy and fun for young children helping parents achieve their goal of making their children smarter. Sharon Burch is a music teacher and writer and creator of Freddie the FrogĀ®. Through the adventures of Freddie the Frog and friends, Burch was able to make musical concepts easier to understand and maintain for children.